Peter Crowther

Pete II-sPeter’s parents met at a dance at Cecil Sharp House in London and, given this background, it’s no surprise that Peter was introduced to the folk dance world at the tender age of 14. He spent some years enjoying social dance before he was tempted by the Dark Side, bought a bass guitar and joined the house band at Fleet folk dance club in 1986. When he returned to university in his native Manchester, Peter formed a band at the folk society there. Since then, he’s been involved with several bands as bass guitarist, keyboard player, caller and/or sound crew, although he thinks he’s never done all of them at the same time.

Peter’s one of those musicians who rarely plays the same tune twice the same way. Whether he’s adding a subtle emphasis to a dreamy waltz or laying down a strong bass riff under an energetic polka, you can be sure of a fresh and highly danceable experience.

Peter apparently works as a software architect and developer, although at 2am on a Sunday he often feels that his working life consists of lugging large P.A. rigs into and out of cars in the dark. The terminally curious can find out more about him at his web site.