Steve Hodgskiss

Steve II-sSteve was born and bred in North Staffordshire. His early musical experiences included tuba-playing in brass ensembles and orchestras, and culminated in playing with the Woodfalls Championship Brass Band in Hampshire during the 80s.

After a brief spell playing jazz piano, Steve became interested in folk music in the early 90s and joined the High Jinks band, initially playing piano and later adding in English Concertina. He joined Albireo in 2002 and took on the band admin a couple of years later. He currently also plays in the Maplewood ceilidh band.

Steve had his first taste of calling in 2011, using CDs at his nephew’s wedding in India. He decided he quite liked it and now calls with Albireo and Maplewood from time to time. Steve also writes tunes, several of which have been included in the Albireo repertoire.

Steve works in R&D in the semiconductor industry.


  • High Jinks High Five.