Our second CD, Binary was released in August 2017 and is available from Bandcamp for £12.00 including postage and packing (within the UK). Digital downloads are also available from Bandcamp.

Binary is a double CD, with both discs packed full of our favourite tunes drawn from a wealth of sources. Disc one is a straight up listening album, while disc two is a dance resource, each track tailored to suit a particular dance or rhythm. We have also put together a collection of detailed instructions for dances to go with the tunes on both discs.

The two-disc format does away with the compromise between the right arrangement for a great listening track, and the right arrangement for squeezing the most out of a dance. Some tracks could have gone on either disc, whilst others are clearly for listening or clearly for dancing. Making the album was huge fun, and gave us freedom to take liberties with the music without fear of where to fit in the end product.

Our first CD, Northern Cross is also available from Bandcamp for £10.00 including postage and packing (within the UK). Digital downloads are also available from Bandcamp and other retailers including CDBabyiTunes and Amazon.

Reviews for “Northern Cross”

Some very splendid tunes

— Johnny Adams ‘Rolling Round the Ryburn’ Phoenix FM

They produce an overall sound which very clearly retains its English roots, but at the same time is fresh, gutsy and attention-grabbing.

— Living Tradition

A very entertaining CD; it has the variety to make it a real pleasure to listen to. Well worth adding to your collection

Shreds & Patches

Grabs you by the ears in no uncertain way… a glorious sound.
The tracks are beautifully contrasted throughout. Different rhythms, different instrumentation – there is so much variety in this CD that you won’t get tired of playing it

— English Dance & Song magazine


Digital downloads and CDs are available from Bandcamp. The album can also be streamed free of charge.