Reviews for “Binary”

Whether you want to dance or just listen, or both – this is a first-class piece of work, showcasing one of the most versatile bands on the current scene; an absolute must for anyone’s collection!

Barry Goodman, Dance Caller

Albireo — this CD is a tour de force. I‘m happy to recommend it to all lovers of fine music and especially those who dance with spring, good timing and a big smile on their face.

Martyn Harvey, Dance Caller

A sure sign of the ageing process is when time seems to pass by quicker and quicker, and it doesn’t seem seven years since I first enthused about Albireo’s debut album. Has it been worth the wait for number two? Absolutely it has.

The playing is crisp and clear throughout, which balances their love and appreciation of their English roots with arrangements which are punchy and innovative. This is a collection that you will never tire of listening to, but when you feel compelled to dance, simply access their website, where you will find instructions for all the danceable sets, helpfully set out on separate pages for printing off and using, either as caller or dancer.

The Living Tradition

I’ve been listening to “Binary” the new album from Albireo. I like it a lot and so many of my favourite tunes there! Good to be able to really sit and listen to the musicianship and arrangements without half my concentration being on the next move for the dance which is usually the case when on stage with these guys. Sean Bechhofer’s guitar work is not something I usually hear as clearly on the stage foldback and it is beautifully captured here. Mr Loomes has done a good job.

Well done Tom, Sean, Peter, Steve and Howard.

— Rhodri Davies, Dance Caller

I love most of it.

— Colin Hume, Dance Caller

Dancing to Albireo

What a wonderful dance. Lots of people made a point of telling us how they loved your music. You are simply a joy to dance to and this was obvious from the numbers of people who came and packed out the dance floor!

— Jane, Oxfolk Ceilidhs

I just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed your wonderful music last night.

I always say that the acid test of a good band is to make the dancers want to dance , even if they think they can’t do another step because they are worn out and boy, did we dance last night !

I had a whale of a time to that music.

— Maria, Liverpool Contra FDC

Thank you for Albireo’s great performance at the previous Sunday’s Duke of Edinburgh award event for the young people from Bowdon.

The ceilidh went down really well and was a fun start to our expedition training. It was great to see the energy and skill that the musicians put into the performance.

— Bowden DoE Group

This is one consummately professional ceilidh band. They understand what a ceilidh crowd respond to and deliver it in buckets. Their tunes are played with gusto and whether they are fiddle driven foot stompers or concertina self penned subtle waltzes they deliver extremely danceable music all night.

Great sound, a joyful stage presence and a bunch of really nice guys. What’s not to like?

Martyn Harvey, Dance Caller

Cracking band. Interesting tunes on a gallery of instruments. Check them out at Sidmouth this year…

— Gordon Potts, Dance Caller

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for performing at our wedding. We had such a good time and everyone commented on how much fun the ceilidh was and how good the band were. I think you managed to get everyone up dancing at some point during the evening, and the bar staff commented that they’d never seen the dance floor so full – well done!

So thank you so much, we loved every minute of the ceilidh and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

— Claire, Lancashire

So pleased for Albireo. They played a storm last night in the Spa. Loads of cracking sets, really danceable music and good to listen to as well. Other festivals take note ! Sidmouth and Whitby have obviously picked up on their excellence. Fabulous spot from the always excellent Rivington Morris to cap it all. Great night and still another 6 to come, WooHoo!

— Martyn Harvey, Dance Caller

I really enjoy working with Albireo … their versatility and energy mean that we can switch from Playford to contra to squares to ceilidh in one session.

Rhodri Davies, Dance Caller

Who do you think you are? Depeche Mode?

Pete Coe, on observing the Albireo stage set up with keyboards right (Steve) and left (Peter)

Reviews for “Northern Cross”

Some very splendid tunes.

— Johnny Adams ‘Rolling Round the Ryburn’ Phoenix FM

They produce an overall sound which very clearly retains its English roots, but at the same time is fresh, gutsy and attention-grabbing.

Living Tradition
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A very entertaining CD; it has the variety to make it a real pleasure to listen to. Well worth adding to your collection.

Shreds & Patches

Grabs you by the ears in no uncertain way… a glorious sound.
The tracks are beautifully contrasted throughout. Different rhythms, different instrumentation – there is so much variety in this CD that you won’t get tired of playing it.

English Dance & Song magazine
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