Like most other bands and musicians, we’ve been on a bit of hiatus during 2020 and 2021. We’re hoping to get back to gigging as soon as it’s possible to do so! In the meantime, do check out our recordings.

Date Place Event
May 27th, 2022 Chester Chester Folk Festival
May 14th, 2022 Manchester Wedding
Oct 23rd, 2021 Castleton SUSS 60th Anniversary
May 31st, 2021 Chester Chester Folk Festival
Dec 19th, 2020 Crewe Golden Wedding
Nov 13th, 2020 Adlington (Lancs) Phoenix Ceilidh
Sep 20th, 2020 Manchester Manchester Morris
May 25th, 2020 Chester Chester Folk Festival
May 1-4th, 2020 Evesham May Heydays
March 28th, 2020 Kendal Crook Morris Spring Fling
March 14th, 2020 Shap Wedding
Mar 7th, 2020 Hazel Grove Hawk Green FDC Dance
Feb 29th, 2020 Tutbury Wedding
Jan 25th, 2020 Poynton Poynton Ceilidh
Dec 8th, 2019 Manchester Birthday
Dec 6th, 2019 Manchester Pearl Trust Ceilidh
Oct 26th, 2019 Preston Lancashire Folk dance
Oct 11th, 2019 Adlington (Lancs) Phoenix Ceilidh
Oct 5th, 2019 Hitchin Staplers FDC
Sep 5th, 2019 Stoke-on-Trent Conference ceilidh
Aug 25th, 2019 Shrewsbury Shrewsbury Folk Festival
Aug 3rd, 2019 Sale Wedding
Jun 29th, 2019 Salford Wedding
Jun 22nd, 2019 Macclesfield Birthday
Apr 20th, 2019 Wilmslow Family Celebration
Apr 13th, 2019 Adlington Wedding
Mar 23rd/24th, 2019 Cheltenham Playford Ball & workshop
Mar 2nd, 2019 Lymm Wedding
Feb 23rd, 2019 Poynton Poynton Ceilidh
Feb 18th, 2019 Stone Wedding
Jan 12th, 2019 Henbury Wedding
Jan 5th, 2019 Lichfield Lichfield FDC
Dec 7th, 2018 Manchester Fundraiser Ceilidh
Nov 24th, 2018 Manchester medical Soc Ceilidh
Oct 27th, 2018 Poynton Wedding Anniversary
Oct 12th, 2018 Hazel Grove Memorial dance
Sep 29th, 2018 Paris Paris Contra
Aug 26th, 2018 Culcheth Birthday
Aug 22nd, 2018 Whitby Whitby Folk Week
Aug 10th-14th, 2018 Broadstairs Broadstairs Folk Week
Aug 4th, 2018 Chester Wedding anniversary
Jul 21st, 2018 Rainow Fete
Jul 14th, 2018 Ormskirk Wedding
Jun 15th, 2018 Poynton Birthday
May 26th, 2018 Buxton Wedding
Apr 28th, 2018 Poynton Poynton Ceilidh
Apr 14th, 2018 Mottram St Andrew Birthday
Mar 17th, 2018 Hazel Grove Birthday
Feb 10th, 2018 Sheffield Wedding
Dec 9th, 2017 Oxford Oxfolk Ceilidh
Dec 8th, 2017 Manchester Fundraiser Ceilidh
Oct 20th, 2017 Hazel Grove Birthday
Sep 2nd, 2017 Wilmslow Birthday & anniversary
Aug 28th, 2017 Chester Wedding
Aug 23rd, 2017 Whitby Whitby Folk Week
Aug 19th, 2017 Manchester Wedding
Jun 30th, 2017 Wincle Wincle Beer Festival
Jun 24th, 2017 Rainow Wedding
Jun 17th, 2017 Blackburn Wedding
Jun 10th, 2017 Saddleworth Wedding
Jun 3rd, 2017 Poynton Silver Wedding
May 31st, 2017 Hartington Wedding
May 26th, 2017 Chester Chester Folk Festival
May 17th, 2017 Llangollen Wedding
Apr 29/30th, 2017 Eastbourne Eastbourne International Folk Dance Festival
Apr 22nd, 2017 Sale Birthday
Apr 21st, 2017 Trafford Birthday
Apr 7th, 2017 Manchester Fundraiser Ceilidh
Feb 26th, 2017 Endon Wedding
Feb 25th, 2017 Poynton Poynton Ceilidh
Feb 18th, 2017 Brinnington Celebration of Life
Feb 4th, 2017 Coventry Coventry Zesty Playford
Jan 27th, 2017 Heaton Moor Wedding
Jan 8th, 2017 Altrincham DoE Ceilidh
Dec 9th, 2016 Manchester Pearl Trust fundraiser
Dec 3rd, 2016 Adlington (Lancs) Adlington FDC Dance
Nov 12th, 2016 Budworth Sailing Club Ceilidh
Oct 1st, 2016 Adlington (Ches) Adlington FDC Dance
Sep 17th, 2016 Sheffield Wedding
Sep 4th, 2016 Macclesfield Birthday
Sep 3rd, 2016 Chester Wedding
Sep 2nd, 2016 Manchester Pearl Trust fundraiser
Aug 27th, 2016 Leek Wedding
Aug 24th, 2016 Whitby Whitby Folk Week
Aug 19th, 2016 Manchester Pride Ceilidh
Aug 6th, 2016 Holmfirth Wedding
Jun 3rd, 2016 Chester Wedding
May 29th, 2016 Croft Wedding
May 18th, 2016 Manchester Manchester Ceilidh
May 14th, 2016 Helmsmore Birthday
May 7th, 2016 Haddenham Haddenham Ceilidh
Apr 15th-17th, 2016 Halsway Manor Playford weekend with Andrew Swaine
Apr 2nd, 2016 Rowsley Wedding
Apr 1st, 2016 Manchester Pearl Trust fundraiser
Mar 18th, 2016 Adlington (Lancs) Phoenix Ceilidh
Mar 12th, 2016 Altrincham PTA ceilidh
Feb 27th, 2016 Mere Brow Birthday
Jan 10th, 2016 Altrincham Ceilidh
Dec 11th, 2015 Manchester Pearl Trust fundraiser
Nov 13th, 2015 Manchester Ceilidh
Oct 31st, 2015 Macclesfield Wedding
Oct 10th, 2015 Warrington Conference ceilidh
Oct 3rd, 2015 Marthall Wedding
Sep 19th, 2015 Bolton Wedding
Sep 12th, 2015 Grange-over-Sands Day of Dance with Andrew Swaine
Sep 11th, 2015 Manchester Birthday
Aug 26th, 2015 Ilam Wedding
Aug 22nd, 2015 Whitby Whitby Folk Week ceilidh
Aug 21st, 2015 Manchester Pride ceilidh
First week of August, 2015 Sidmouth Sidmouth Folk Week (details)
Jul 4th, 2015 Chesterfield Wedding
Jun 27th, 2015 Ormskirk Family ceilidh
May 30th, 2015 Singleton Wedding
May 9th, 2015 Runcorn Wedding
Apr 25th, 2015 Poynton Poynton Ceilidh + Martyn Harvey
Apr 17th, 2015 St Kent’s Manchester Pearl Trust fundraiser
Apr 11th, 2015 Buxton Wedding
Mar 28th, 2015 Preston Wedding
Mar 14th, 2015 Port Sunlight Wedding anniversary
Mar 10th, 2015 Manchester Charity fundraiser
Feb 25th, 2015 St Kent’s Manchester Manchester Ceilidh
Feb 21st, 2015 Bramhall Tennis club ceilidh
Jan 24th, 2015 Coventry Coventry Zesty Playford
Jan 10th, 2015 Sutton Fundraiser
Dec 12th, 2014 Widnes Church ceilidh
Dec 5th, 2014 Manchester Pearl Trust fundraiser
Nov 29th, 2014 Scholes Birthday
Nov 21st, 2014 Manchester Birthday
Nov 1st, 2014 Macclesfield Church Celebration
Oct 31st, 2014 Hitchin Unicorn Ceilidh
Oct 25th, 2014 Gawsworth Birthday
Oct 11th, 2014 Heaton Moor Birthday
Aug 15th, 2014 Manchester Pride ceilidh
Aug 9-11th, 2014 Broadstairs Broadstairs Folk Week
Jul 19th, 2014 Croft Birthday
Jul 18th, 2014 Manchester Charity fundraiser
May 23rd, 2014 Chester Chester Folk festival
Mar 29th, 2014 Handforth Scout fundraiser
Mar 15th, 2014 Astbury Congleton Harriers ceilidh
Mar 8th, 2014 Liverpool Liverpool Contra Dance 
Jan 25th, 2014 Poynton Poynton Ceilidh with Martyn Harvey
Dec 31st, 2013 Holmfirth New Years Eve Ceilidh
Dec 6th, 2013 Didsbury Charity fundraiser
Nov 16th, 2013 Poynton Birthday
Nov 2nd, 2013 Crewe National Institute of Medical Herbalists Ceilidh
Oct 12th, 2013 Ormskirk Ormskirk Folk Dance Club 
Oct 5th, 2013 Birthday Congleton
Sep 7th, 2013 Wilmslow Wedding
Sep 6th, 2013 Didsbury Charity fundraiser
Aug 31st, 2013 Smallwood Birthday
Aug 3rd, 2013 Buxton Wedding
Aug 2nd, 2013 Stretton Wedding
Jul 27th, 2013 Ashton Birthday
Jul 13th, 2013 Adlington Wedding
Jun 21st, 2013 Wigan Birthday
May 24th, 2013 Chester Chester Folk festival
May 18th, 2013 Bollington Wedding
Apr 20th, 2013 Hazel Grove Birthday
Mar 16th, 2013 Antrobus Church ceilidh
Mar 9th, 2013 Oxford Oxfolk Ceilidh
Feb 16th, 2013 Ryburn Ryburn 3-step dance with Lisa Heywood
Feb 1st, 2013 Congleton Congleton Harriers ceilidh
Jan 26th, 2013 Poynton Poynton Ceilidh