Martyn Harvey on Albireo

This is one consummately professional ceilidh band. They understand what a ceilidh crowd respond to and deliver it in buckets. Their tunes are played with gusto and whether they are fiddle driven foot stompers or concertina self penned subtle waltzes they deliver extremely danceable music all night.

With a 5 strong line up featuring 11 instruments there could be a danger of their sound being messy and unclear. That is never ever the case. Thoughtful arrangements, beautiful musicianship and a band member who really knows his stuff on balancing the overall mix all contribute to a clean sound and a tight delivery.

I look for a band to show if they are enjoying themselves. There is absolutely no doubt of this with Albireo — it’s abundantly clear that making good music is their passion. Constantly aware of what is actually happening down on the floor they respond to that by managing to make infinitesimal adjustments to their tempos. They hit the ’spot on’ spot almost always and that‘s some compliment.

Great sound, a joyful stage presence and a bunch of really nice guys. What’s not to like?

— Martyn Harvey, Dance Caller